Wood Wall Panels


DuvarpaneL wall-floor and roof panels wooden surfaces oriented chip coils (OSB), Plywood, OSB-2; or OSB3 (film-raw), and consists of many signs of quality plywood.

Both surface between the two wood based sandwich panels, advanced technologies, wood shell thicknesses according to the project panel by polyurethane-fill EPS.

Wall panels, lightweight building material to use in the first group.

Wall panels have a high heat isolation Tile Wall, self, and in no way a second after the roof system is certainly not at the expense of isolation.

Wooden framed, concrete framed or steel framed buildings are less labor and as soon as two-storey and single storey buildings successfully.

Search the wall of the buildings tiles, roof and wall panels complete the time value of the resulting heat energy % 87-90 has zero heat bridges in building.,

Duvarpanel wood shell is a building system because of breathing space.

Duvarpanel, both inland and thermal insulation fill and the need to have a high percentage of heat isolation wood and also support side-by-side riding during the installation is completely eliminates heat bridges detail-channel.

Duvarpanel is lightweight, easy to mounting.(dropping high cost of labor )

High thermal insulation value.

Duvarpanel thickness of thermal insulation and wood veneer used fill (internal-external) according to their average 30 kg weighs like 100 m 2/m2. of the total of building an independent panel ... weight 16,500 kg.Normal is a reinforced concrete building 100 tons.

Duvarpanel, residential as well as industrial structures, social facilities, used everywhere, as required by the building briefly.

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