Technical Details


Duvarpanel ,in construction industry sector, is designed to be used instead of bricks, hollow blocks, hollow concreate such as aerated concrete. Property to be used in a variety of internal and external walls in buildings with coating materials manufacturing production. A main coating materials, gypsumboard, Wooden pres panels (ex OSB) and veneer sheets fibercement materials. According to the needs and these types of coating wall surfaces are produced.

Duvarpanel ready walls benefits

  • • Allows for more work in less time. Wall lining materials in the existing system are small.
    • Duvarpanel is also a time of 3 m2 m2 windmills 3.6 wall, placed in the panel. Dimensions are 300 cm and 120x250 cm and 120x.
    • More jobs and fewer people are made on the use of energy. Approximately 21 kg of 1 m2 si 2 people can easily assemble a panel of polyurethane foam. Sinden made of brick duvarın1 m2 1 m2 percent Duvarpanel approximately 10-fold, 1 m2 of a wall made of gas concrete approximately 6 times lighter than Sinden.
    • Structure of materials such as gypsum board and the police to be ready because tiren foam at temperatures ranging from -10 to +45 degrees, the application can be made of polyurethane foam. Regardless of seasonal conditions do not speak for the construction continues. Current materials used for insulation and additional costs and risks arising when the cost of eliminating the bacterial growth.
    • Heat, moisture and sound insulation under the heat insulation of the best in the world at the moment with a plate made possible by the police tiren provide the highest level. (K = 0.331 ± 0.004 W/m2 duvarpanelin heat transmission coefficient k . The test result) (TSEK))
    • A feature of the flexible inner wall to be used in buildings, is resistant to pressure applications. (1 m2 of approximately 800 kg of broken on.)
    • After the installation you are prompted Duvarpanelin saw, cut off from the connection points of the wall assembly to another location, such as building materials can be done.Other create a pile of rubble.
    • After the installation of sand for cement-based plaster they are not needed, because of non-use of water and sand in the creek so that is not used kireçte and is protected from coastal deposits.
    • Buildings do not need to name the window and door lintels placed on them.
    • Wall thickness is constant, because the windows and doors can be ordered without a wall mount.
    • Internal is used as a cladding material for exterior wall structure formed by the complete wrapping it all together for a whole formed a complete sound and heat insulation is provided.

The benefits of EPS thermal insulation boards

  • • provides excellent thermal insulation.
    • Thermal Conductivity Value (TS 825 Mandatory Standard) standards.
    • is not Corrosive.
    • Resistance to chemicals.
    • resistant to the growth of bacteria.
    • Very good shock absorption properties.
    • There are very little water absorption value.
    • very suitable for the application.
    • Eternal life.
    • Environment Friendly.
    • common throughout the world.
    • and in the production of ozone-damaging CFCs.
    • recyclable. (Recycle)
    • Optimized structures with the ability to breathe inside the exterior insulation and thermal insulation system (heat insulation) applications, the choice of the world.
    • It is economical.

Thermal insulation provides benefits such as what?

  • • provides better comfort and wellness.
    • Energy efficiency provides significantly
    • The structure will extend the life.
    • Creates a healthy environment by reducing emissions of harmful substances.
    • reduces the cost of investment in buildings.
    • a minimum of 40% reduces the cost of energy used in buildings.
    • Prevents corrosion. Concrete bars will prevent decay.
    • Prevents humidity and condensation in buildings.
    • contribute to the economic development of the country.

Technical characteristics of the inner wall panels Duvarpanel

  • • Height: 250 cm length Duvarpanel material, and 300 cm (+)(-) 4 mm to be produced in different sizes.
    • Width: Duvarpanel material genişliği120 cm, (+)(-) is 3 mm.
    • Depth: 12.3 cm Duvarpanel material thickness, (+) (-) is 0.15 mm.
    • Breaking strength: 97x100 cm Duvarpanel material samples which were cut out a full point loading
    • When done Pmin = 800 kg is the minimum breaking strength. (TSEK :20-665)
    • Delamination Plaster from polystyrene panels: 14x14cm Duvarpanel material samples which were cut out of 10x10 cm
    • Delamination Lik Pmin = 80 kg is a minimum of polystyrene foam. (TSEK :20-665)
    • Thermal insulation value: k = 0.331 0.004 (+)(-) (W/m2 k) is. (TSEK :20-665)

1 m2 to give weight to give weight 21 kg (+)(-) Duvarpanel material is 1 kg per 1 m2. (TSEK :20-665)

  • • Fire: EPS material material class B1 fire walk. So flame during a fire flame to increase walking
  • • And the spontaneous combustion event. In addition, where eps of gypsum boards are not exposed to direct flame. flame
  • • Direct exposure to the need to dissolve the gypsum plate. 45 minutes fire resistance. At the end of this process, the surface
  • • If the temperature 150 oc yi melting occurs only in the eps.

Cover the technical characteristics of the material inside the outer wall of Exterior wall panels are used in the dyeing process standard production. Outside surfece can cover by liquid mortar. Only fibercement plate with the inner surface of the wall panel can be covered with gypsum board.
In this case, the moisture into the outer surface moisture or heat transfer can be avoided.
No need for plaster and paint work is also no adjust or catch the surfece,Only Duvarpanel surfaces before painting is done in the pasting process. Fulfills the requirements of thermal insulation material with high thermal insulation of the exterior façade, also causes a decrease in the burden of isolation.

  • • Coating material 250-300-centimeter lengths produced between.
  • • Coating material width is 12-125 cm.
  • • Coating material 50 to 20-centimeter in thickness is produced.
  • • Coating materials which are combined in a special way limeboard and eps.
  • • According to a thickness of 1 m 2 to give weight varies between 10 kg and 11.5 kg


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